Red Paddle Co. 2022 in the shop

by | Dec 16, 2021

The 2022 Red Paddle Co. boards have arrived just in time for that special someone or family member for Christmas.

     Looking for a touring board but don’t have the room?  The new for 2022 Compact 12′ is an amazing addition to Red Paddle Co.’s line up. The Red Paddle Co. 12’ Compact, designed with the adventurous paddler in mind. Full of features and Red Paddle Co innovations this board is an ideal match for paddlers who are passionate about touring further than anyone before with the convenience of a compact all-in-one package.

The increased length makes this board perfect for the ultimate explorer who wants to travel the world with their SUP. Designed with a drawn out shape to increase glide, the 12’0 Compact is ideal for paddlers who want to explore without limitation.
Large volumes make this board an ideal exploring and touring board, designed for competent paddlers.

Or if you need a shorter length get the popular 11′ Compact instead.

The board has a quad stringer tensioning system, giving maximum rigidity, while the split deck pad means the board is easier than ever to fold and roll away into a super small package, making it the most transportable adventure SUP on the market. The board has a super strong but supple outer layer that can be packed away neatly in its Compact backpack.

Based on the ever-popular Red Paddle Co Voyager, this board provides the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability and is packed full of features and innovations found on the popular Voyager range. An accessory mount and additional cargo points mean you’re set for any adventure you could think of. The ergonomic tubular handles give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board.

Timeless Design:

  • Titan II pump
  • 5 Pc Paddle
  • NEW Adjustable Cargo System Compact Backpack
  • Red Paddle Co. Ankle Leash 
  • Rider Style: Touring
  • Min Experience: Beginner
  • 12’ Compact Max Rider Weight: 240lbs
  • 11′ Compact Max Rider Weight: 210lbs