INVENTORY CLEARANCE on all Paddleboards and Accessories

by | Dec 11, 2023

INVENTORY CLEARANCE on all Paddleboards and Accessories



The last 3 years has been challenging for any small business. First year of Covid we sold out of anything we had, 2nd year everything was sitting on a ship in a port waiting entry, we had customers lined up to give us their money, paddle boards didn’t come till the end of August of 2021. We then had to order for 2022 before any thing had landed in 2021. Every business ordered too much thinking we might not be able to supply the demand.

But then it all came to and end in 2023. The world opened up and everyone wanted to get on a plane an go somewhere. Real Estate and interest rates continued to rise and now, there are some great deals out there in any industry from dishwashers, couches to E-bikes. 

If I only had a crystal ball!


 The internet and BIG Box stores flooded the market with overpriced air mattresses. The average consumer doesn’t understand the difference. We don’t sell floaties we sell performance sports equipment. We spend a big part of our day during the season explaining what the difference is and how to care for that new paddleboard you just purchased. The landfills all over the world don’t need more added to it. Buy better and support a small business. You will be happy you did. 

So you get where I am going….