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Paddle boarding is incredibly fun and a great way to stay in shape. It’s also a wonderful way to meet new people! If you’ve ever considered hopping up on a paddle board, but are a little nervous about getting started, then take one of our Paddlefit Basic SUP intro lessons. We’ll teach you the fundamentals so that you’re paddling effectively and safely, right from the start. Ready to take your paddle boarding to a new level? Then join our Paddlefit Tech 1  & 2  classes. We’ll help you learn proper technique and paddling fundamentals and help you to make the appropriate corrections to get you on the path to paddling better. Naramata has 2 protected bays on either side of the village, so it can be a lot calmer and less water traffic out here, which makes for a more enjoyable experience.


Lesson Information

PaddleFit Basic (sup intro) includes lesson and rental (with pfd).  PaddleFit Tech 1 includes board and Pfd, same price with your own.  Wetsuits and tops are available to rent on a first-come basis if weather is cool. Please check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly! Please bring: a change of clothes (preferably a water-wicking or repellent top and shorts – do not wear cotton), a towel, water, a snack, a hat, sunscreen, and a sport glasses holder (if you wear glasses or want to wear sunglasses). We advise you to leave valuables at home as we do not have room for bags. etc.

Paddlefit Basic (intro to SUP)

Paddlefit Tech 1  

Ladies Paddlefit Intro & Tech 1 SUP Social