What kind of seams does your ISUP have? Welded Seams VS. Glued Seams

by | Nov 3, 2022


This video is from True Kit inflatable boats, easy simple to understand test. Welded Seams VS. Glued Seams. They are using a heat gun and weights but sun alone can heat your sup until the seams fail.
Your inflatable paddle board will contract and expand depending on the heat of the day, cold water or cold nights. So pressure can go up significantly during a hot day if you have left your sup continuously in the sun. Whether it was sitting on afternoon on top of your car or lying on the beach. Day after day exposure will add to the break down of the materials it is made from. 
Glued seams can be a big safety hazard, you don’t want to be too off shore when the seam fails and always wear a PFD.
With recent recalls on some manufacturers these ISUP’s sadly will end up in the landfill.
Yes, welded seams are more of an investment but we need to think of our planet and this throw away concept is out of control!
We have had very hot summers and heat domes.
All our SUP Rentals are Red Paddle Co. inflatables with welded seams and they sit out all summer long. I am so confident with the welded seams I can’t imagine using or renting or selling anything else.
Red Paddle Co. is the easiest sup brand to sell, they come with a 5 year warranty but they don’t come back because they have failed so that to me is the best warranty!!