Time to get back on the water!

by | Feb 26, 2015

winter stand up paddlers on Okanagan Lake

Winter Sup session on Okanagan Lake

Are you itching to get back on the water? Skiing not so good. Just because it is still technically winter and the water may be cold, you can still paddle anytime of year. I have actually paddled more this past month than I have skied. The weather has been unusually warm, void of precipitation and the waters are calm.  Booties and neo gloves are a must for sure, if you are worried about falling in, then perhaps a wet suit or farmer john or a dry suit. Most of the time I just have on some nice warm polypro underwear, maybe neo shorts over top, my ski turtleneck and a neoprene Jacket  and my toque! We just stay with in a very close distance to shore and most of the time the water is like a mirror, which makes it so much more inviting. Once you are pretty competent paddler you won’t worry about falling in. Make sure to tell someone you are going out on the water though. One incredible blue bird day in January my friend Denise Mend and I skied 12 amazing runs with fresh powder at Apex Ski Resort. We then upon driving home on the Naramata Road we see that the Okanagan Lake is like glass, you could not tell where the mountains started and the lake began. So of course we we had to then go for a paddle, Denise’s husband Paul was already out on the water waiting for us. Why do we live here? This is why, we can do so many sports here, ski in the morning and paddle in the afternoon. Love my Okanagan!