2024 Red Paddle Co. 10’6 RIDE LE Love The Oceans

Red Paddle Co. 10’6 RIDE Limited-Edition Love The Oceans coming Spring 2024 pre-order yours now.

This beautiful board won’t last long.


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2024 Red Paddle Co. 10'6 RIDE LE Love The Oceans inflatable paddleboard

The new 2024 Red Paddle Co. 10'6 RIDE Limited-Edition Love The Oceans inflatable paddleboard promises the same uncompromising quality of our 10’6” Ride MSL all-rounder, while supporting an awesome ocean-loving cause.

Featuring a distinct design by Mexican-born illustrator Circe Oropeza, inspired by the sea life and ecosystems beneath the big blue, 10% of profits from this one-of-a-kind board go towards a charity making big waves in Mozambique to establish a Marine Protected Area as well as community projects such as teaching local children to swim.

Own a little piece of Red Paddle Co history and be among a small collective of sea-faring folk to own our first-ever limited-edition board which will no doubt be the envy of all your paddle boarding buddies.

But don’t for a second think that its distinct look and big-hearted back story come at a compromise to the quality of this high-performance, all-around board. Its ultra-durable MSL material and indestructible fins give it bulletproof-like qualities, while its 32” width, round-nose profile provides increased stability and a silky-smooth ride.

The redesigned ATB Transformer makes our best-selling All-Terrain Backpack an even more versatile travel companion. Its standout feature, the innovative bagless carry system, lets you strip back to just the core straps when heading down to the water. 

An adjustable ergonomic structure offers optimised shoulder and back support, while integrated compression straps enhance portability. Thoughtfully designed storage – an interior paddle blade pocket, Velcro paddle securing, and a generously sized outer zip pocket – keeps everything together in the bag.

  • 10'6 x 32" x 4.7"
  • Volume 245 Litres
  • Board weight 21.89 lbs when inflated
  • Max Rider weight 200 lbs
  • includes Titan Dual Chamber Pump
  • ATB Transformer all-terrain backpack
  • All 2022-24 season boards come with a 5 year warranty, activated when you register your board.