Paddle boarding is your Passport to Nature

by | Jan 4, 2023

Paddle boarding is your Passport to Nature

Paddle boarding is your passport to nature. Surrounding yourself with the outdoor environment is proven to reduce stress and increases relaxation and you don’t need a doctor for this one.  There is nothing like casting your line out for that fish or cruising along on your paddleboard seeing the birds in the air or on the water beside you. Water Is Life.

Go for a leisurely paddle by yourself, family or join a local SUP Group. Stop by your local SUP shop they can get your started with an introductory SUP Lesson, SUP Rental or get you kitted out with a whole new Paddleboard Package.

Please keep in mind the environment when paddle boarding, reduce your carbon footprint and buy high-quality equipment. This is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and overall waste.

Buy from a reputable shop who can tell you about the brands they sell. So many paddleboard brands offer 2-3 year even 5-year warranties.  But a warranty isn’t the end all be all.  The not so good brands make so much off these boards that they can replace it many times over and that is a sad thing as they all end up at the local dump. Your safety is important too and you don’t want to have a leak when you are out in the middle of the lake!

I can tell you the best warranty is a sup that never comes back to us with any issues, over the years we have eliminated those inferior quality sup brands.

As paddle boarders we are responsible to the ocean, lakes and rivers, the protectors of all waterways. Do your part in protecting the health of the water. It is important to tell others to do the same and lead by example.

2vsup paddlers on a calm lake