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Naramata BC

Links to websites that may be of interest to our customers: Discover Naramata My Naramata News and Info Naramata Bench Wineries Association Looking for other things to do, see our friends at Hoo doo for climbing, kayaking and other outdoor adventures. Hoo Doo AdventuresPhotography Need some amazing photos taken for your business or outdoor adventure, contact Caillum at Preserved Light Photography. Caillum is an award winning photographer with extensive knowledge of the area and BC in general.   ACCOMMODATIONS Sandy Beach Resort Sutherland Blueberry B&B Forgotten Hill B&B Crooked Tree B&B The Best Pizza Ever Real Things Pizza Our favourite place for breakfast and the best lattes The Grape Leaf Looking for some small town spirits, visit our friends at Legend Distilling and enjoy a a meal on the patio. This is where we go on Thursday evenings for our Chica SUP Socials.