How to Buy a Paddleboard

by | Jan 27, 2016

Paddleboarding is one of the best ways to have fun on the water, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. Paddleboarding can be as extreme as surfing or as laid back as having a yoga session. It is a great way to see places you can’t see from land, so many hidden gems around the next bay like seeing a bear feeding on the shoreline or that eagle diving right in front of you for a big fish dinner! If you are looking to buy a paddleboard, how can you choose a paddleboard that is right for you? The first thing to take into consideration is the type of paddleboarding you plan on doing. There are 6 main types of paddleboards. These are:
  1. Surf specific boards
  2. All-around boards
  3. Inflatable paddleboards
  4. Touring
  5. Race Boards
  6. Yoga boards
  Surfing. The best type of paddleboard for surfing is one that is lighter and shorter. They allow for excellent maneuverability in the surf. They allow the paddleboard surfer to make quick turns. Don’t use them if you plan on going for long distances as you will have to work harder to keep the paddleboard on track. All-around Paddleboards. The main advantage of all-round boards is that they provide increased stability – essential for anyone starting out on a paddleboard! Beginner boards are generally shorter and wider thus being more stable. They are good for recreational paddling and a bit of surfing.  Depending on exactly what you plan to do or where you live, ocean or near the lake there are different paddleboards which are more suited to surfing and other which are better for flat-water or lake use. A good choice for a family or multi-use board. Inflatable Paddleboards. These were developed as a solution to paddlers who don’t have the storage for a large paddle board or who can’t transport them. I-SUPS as they are called have come a long way in design and construction and are one of the fastest growing areas in the SUP industry. They come in every model as does a hard board, from fishing, river/whitewater, yoga, surfing, touring to race boards, yes, race boards! Take a look at Red Paddle Co. that we carry you will be amazed at the performance these boards have. Most come with an awesome back pack and pump, Red Paddle in particular comes with a very cool wheelie bag making hauling thru the airport a breeze. They are also very durable and can take a bit of banging around, great for the family or the summer cabin. Touring boards have a pointier nose or displaced hull, usually a flatter bottom or less rocker than an all-round surf style. A touring boards shape is straighter and will glide better offering better performance and tracking. If you are looking at doing more distance paddling on your board choosing a touring style will get you there more efficiently. Racing boards. Once you have got a lot of experience and want to start racing with paddleboards, then these are the boards for you. They are longer and narrower than other boards. Novices should be warned that they aren’t stable! Yoga boards. Designed specifically for yoga exercises, these have a soft top and allow for exercise tools and other equipment to be attached. They can also be anchored. Other factors. All boards have a volume and weight capacity. This should be taken into account when deciding on which paddleboard to buy. Buying a paddleboard doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. There are many options to choose from, for all levels of experience and types of activities. Once you have decided which board is best for you, the next thing to do is to get out there and start having fun on the water.