Hard or Rigid SUP vs Inflatable or ISUP

by | Jan 31, 2015

Hard or Rigid Board Need a specific rack to carry on the car. have to carry by hand or in an appropriate bag to the beach. Need at 10 feet long of room to store. Ready to go, you can go paddling right away.  Better stability and higher performance according to the shape and length of the board.  The fibreglass boards are more fragile than the inflatable or the PVC boards must be more careful. PVC boards are the heaviest type of board in the bar boards (29 – 40 lbs.) The fibreglass is very light (21 – 32 lbs.) Inflatable or ISUP Easy to carry; in a bag/backpack until the beach, inflate this one on the beach. Easy to store, fits in a bag, generally comes with a backpack, can store in your closet or storage area. Have to inflate this before you get on the water. The new ISUP’s have come a long way, are much more rigid and are becoming increasingly popular. They may not be as rigid as a hard board but they are getting better each year. Basic to medium performance due to the rubber material of the board, some come with stabilizer battens that help make the board more rigid. Durable, much easier to repair. Fairly light when it is inflated, 25ish lbs. So the question is: What type of paddler do you want to be? If you are a traveler and you’re looking for a board easy to store and bring everywhere in the world with you, the inflatable board is made for you. You don’t have enough storage, you live in a condo, and apartment or you don’t own a vehicle. If you are looking to practice SUP in the river, because they are more flexible, the inflatable boards are more durable in case you have contact or bump the rocks. If you are looking for a board to take on holidays an inflatable will be your best choice, you can store in your vehicle, condo or take it as luggage on the plane. While inflatables make for convenient storage, they do take time to set up. If you are looking to race, surf or you just demand higher performance; if storage isn’t an issue and you are a load and go paddler then the rigid board will be the best investment for you. Whichever you choose they both will get you out on the water, so have fun and enjoy yourself!