Don’t get left on the beach 2021 Paddleboards in hot demand!

 SUP’s are once again in hot demand. Our first shipment is almost sold out and there is a waiting list for the next shippment arrival. DO NOT DILLY DALLY if you want to get out on the water this summer. 

From the new Red Paddle Co. Compact 11‘, the back pack is half the size of the regular travel storage bags. To the Red Paddle Co.13’2 Voyager for heading out with all your camping gear to the many beautiful waterways we have hear in B.C.

Starboard has the awesome Deluxe Double Chamber inflatable boards that are incredible stiff. Or if you are looking for that mid priced quality package look at Kahuna Padddleboard Co. they have some awesome family Isup’s and beautiful hard boards. 

If you were left on the beach this past summer we can get help you get off the beach and onto the water.

The 2020 year we had such a scary start to the season no one new what to expect. I was so glad we were selling some sort of sports equipment. Paddleboards were a hot comodity, anything that would get you on to the water or out into nature was selling like crazy. I would be on the phone every Monday getting more boards. By B.C. Day August long we were sold out. SUP was the perfect social distancing sport. Unfortunately the demand was over the top and the supply came to an end. 

It is happening again Supply and Demand  shortages for all sports equipment.

So we are not going back to normal for at least another year. If you don’t want to be left on the sidelines or on the beach contact us and get your order in for your new paddleboard. From the bike, paddle, ski industry or anything recreational people have been pre-ordering so they won’t be left out. Everyone just wants to get out into nature. We have orders pre-paid for by customers that won’t arrive till spring as they want to make sure they get one for 2021. 

First  & second Shipment of Red’s sold out! The next order March/April. & May.

We have a few Starboards in stock now and our Kahuna’s and SIC’s coming in spring as well.  

Send me an email or call and we can see what your needs are and get the right board on order for you.