Kahuna Warrior BIG

PACKAGE PRICE INCLUDES PADDLE, BAG, FIN, LEASH CONSTRUCTION: COMPRESSION MOLDED EPOXY VOLUME: 250 L WEIGHT RANGE: Up to 235lbs BOARD WEIGHT: 32 lbs Like the name implies, the Big is exactly that! The Big is Wide and Super Stable, suitable for all ability levels. The Big will let you Paddle the Lakes with the family dog on the front or go tandem with your son or daughter; the Big can handle a little extra weight without compromise. The perfect board for all conditions for the heaver set individual, because not two people are the same size. Even though it’s big, you can still catch waves as well, whatever your adventure is, the big can handle it. The BIG WARRIOR is KAHUNA’S toughest and most durable construction method. $1899 This price includes the 2 Piece Carbon Paddle.