Kahuna Wahine Inflatable Paddle board

Kahuna Wahine INFLATABLE , Kahuna now offers feminine cosmetics in the iSUP series. Similar to our Men’s All Terrain, the Wahine is 10’ 6” by 4.75” thick, it’s the most stable load bearing female specific iSUP on the market today. Most iSUP’s are 4” thick, the Kahuna iSUP Wahine is 4.75” think, this allows you reach a higher PSI so you can pack lots of gear if you go on an adventure, or bring along man’s best friend. If you are limited with storage issue or want to go to some remote locations, the Wahine is ideal choice. Go for a Yoga or Adventure somewhere, the Wahine is what you need. Include with the Wahine Board is the Bag, Pump, Coil Leash, 3pc Carbon Paddle, and 2 fins along with a Thumbscrew in the repair kit. Time to get out and play. The iSUP comes with bag, pump, 3PC carbon paddle, coil leash, 2 Fins (10′ & 6″) repair kit.