SIC Maui FX Pro 12.6 SCC

$3,499.00 $1,499.00

SIC Maui FX PRO 12.6  SCC

DEMO Model ( in perfect condition) 

CRAZY PRICE wholesale was $2200


SIC Maui FX PRO SCC 12.6 

The SIC Maui FX PRO SCC 12.6 is the result of hours of rider feedback and refinement from Lina Augaitis, ( Lina is an Okanagan Resident) Georges Cronsteadt and Sonni Honscheid. They were on a mission to create the ultimate cross-over open water race board for today’s mixed condition races. SIC started with the race lines of the X-Series and added more volume and rocker to the bow to chew through cross chop. Next they rounded out the rails to slice through side winds and flattened the deck for getting in and out of surf. We increased the flat stabilizing section of the bottom and then spent more hours on water tweaking until we got it right.

The end result is one of the most versatile crossover boards on the market. Fast, technical and able to handle a variety of water conditions. When you can only bring one board with you to do it all, this your new best option.  

Are you female and looking for that next step up this board is perfect for you, so light weight and fast. One board that does it all.

Super fast and super light! Demo used only a few times.

  • 12.6″ x 25.5″
  • 22 lbs
  • 265 Litres
  • Single Carbon Composite (SCC) full wrap biaxial carbon
  • Innegra™ tip, rail and tail reinforcement
  • PVC reinforced deck for the ultimate in strength, weight and stiffness
  • Croc skin EVA deck pad
  • U.S. standard finbox w/ 12K Carbon Weedless 7.0” fin
  • Gore-Tex breather valve
  • EZ-Grab handle
  • Single surf leash plug
  • Removable race handle