SIC Maui Bullet 11′ TWC paddle board

The SIC Maui Bullet 11′ TWC paddle board is truly well rounded for every kind of condition. Built for recreational fitness paddling The Bullet 11.0 is truly a one of a kind board in the 11 foot range. Derived from its larger Bullet series counterparts, this board is the ideal companion for the lightweight paddlers who are looking for an all-round board. If you want a lightweight board that does it all: flat-water fitness, downwind gliding, small-wave surfing, and even your yoga class. There is no better board in the world.


The low nose rocker creates a long effective water line combining with a slight single concave for easy acceleration, graduating to flat through the middle for stability and for better glide. The design finishes with panel-V design in the tail for a falling sea and increased maneuverability.

There is no better board in the world that covers all these disciplines as well as the Bullet 11.0.The EZ-Grab handle, it is easy to load on and off the car for transport.  SIC has the best “EZ Grab Handle” on the market it will be hard to go back to any other board once you try this handle! Best handle on the market, I will never switch boards unless all boards use this style. Women who want that high performance mountain bike of sup’s this is it. Great in flat water but performance is outstanding when the wind and the waves are forecast for the day.

Tough and durable but still lightweight.The Bullet series is a favourite of our shop. I have about 10 of my friends on this series, very well suited to all the Okanagan Lakes or coastal waterways in BC.


  • 11′ x 28.5″
  • 26 lbs
  • 208 litres
  • Biaxial Composite
  • Rail Reinforcement
  • Tuff-Wood Deck
  • Lightweight EPS Core
  • Breather Vent
  • EZ-Grab Handle
  • Weight up to 145lbs