Red Paddle Co. 4 person Dragon SUP (Sold Out)

Red Paddle Co. Dragon Isup 

Are you ready to rally the troops, challenge your best buds!

With a 34" width and 8 inch depth, the Red Paddle Co Dragon joins the Red Paddle racing board series with a profiled nose, slim beam and high sides to rise out of the water and slice through waves. The Dragon multi-person SUP features 8 hefty carrying handles and an extra long deckpad. Three military inflation valves allow three people to pump it up at one time, spreading out the workload.

All Red Paddle Co models are now constructed using Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion technology. This innovative new process involves fusing a second layer of polymer to the drop-stitch material in the raw material stage. The end result is a higher-quality, high-pressure material utilizing less glue; this reduces the weight of each board up to 20% while increasing the tension and making the boards slightly more rigid. The material has again been improved, making the injected, reinforced second layer thicker with increased bond strength.

Fin placement and rocker lines are the key ingredient that turn Red Paddle Co. boards from being ordinary into something that you want to ride again and again.

The Red Paddle Co Dragon is not just for racing. This multi-person SUP is great for families, water events, summer camps or clubs. Perfect for cruising and fun on the water.

Features include:

  • US Fin box with removable fin
  • PVC board material with high-grade, double-thread internal drop stitching
  • Double layer construction featuring a "board within a board". This adds massive strength, stiffness, consistent shape and durability.
  • Side rails with four layers of taping - maintains the boards shape, stiffness and air tight qualities. Four times thicker than many ISUPs!
  • Special "air block" membrane eliminates air leakage
  • New super traction, non-slip EVA deck pad.
  • Eight rugged carrying handles
  • Three inflation valves allow multiple people to inflate simultaneously
  • Built using Red Tec Air specification, with new valves, improved seals, cap and stronger threads.


  • Length:  22'
  • Width:   34”
  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Volume 984
  • Weight: TBD
  • Max payload: 4 persons


The Red Paddle 22'0 Dragon comes with a carrying tarp and three HP EZee pumps with pressure gauge (let everyone join in the fun!), which makes inflation to 16-22 psi really easy, leaving you more time to paddle. Once you try a Red, you'll love it - the proof is in the paddling.

You can put the whole family on it and just go out for fun outing. Be prepared to laugh a lot and enjoy the company of your best friends or all your siblings. 

The Dragon has eight lateral handles for ease of transport, has four valves for fast inflation and is covered in an extra large deck pad with a large dragon design.  Don’t be duped by its size though: this is one fast machine and with the power of eight arms driving paddles through the water, it is one of the fastest SUPs on the planet! Or as they say you can walk or you can run, there is nothing wrong with just hanging out. 

We have 2 available.

$1499 each or buy both and pay $1350 each.