Mustang Survival Minimalist Inflatable Belt Pack

Mustang Survival Inflatable Waist Pack PFD 

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Mustang Survival Minimalist Inflatable Belt Pack 

The Mustang Survival Minimalist Inflatable Belt Pack has the same great coverage as the fan-favourite inflatable belt pack - pared down and tuned up to make it even more discreet, comfortable to wear, and easy to use. Ideal for inshore activities that might take you in and out of calm waters (by choice or not), this small package is a supportive safety net when you need it. With 18.9 LBS of buoyancy when inflated, the Minimalist namesake means wearing it around your waist without interfering with your SUP strokes...or your tan lines.. while still keeping you safe. Smaller design also affords greater ease in repacking after inflated. Soft exterior fabric (the same as what's used in the highly sought-after Khimera) amps up comfort, with wings to prevent rubbing from the webbing strap. Daisy chain webbing on the wings lets you clip your gear on and keep it handy. Note: recommended for use in groups, or for skilled swimmers.

Note: inflatable PFDs are not legal for whitewater paddling in Canada.