Kahuna ISUP 12′ Touring Package 3236


Pkg inc. 3pc adj carbon paddle, wheelie sup bag, pump and ankle leash (only 2 left in stock)


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Kahuna12' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package

The Kahuna 12'Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package is better than ever. The 12' long, 6" thick, displacement hull style inflatable board built to carry large loads for full day paddling adventures. The shape of this board is based on our very popular KING Bamboo hard board and is equipped with an 11" inch touring fin. The iTouring is a big water board equipped with a double tie down setup, both front and rear. Therefor will keep precious cargo secure as you glide across large lakes or the ocean. Or you can put you the dog and the kids on this big board and have a great summer at the cabin. A great choice for everyone.

The iTouring comes as a package, which includes a dual action high velocity pump, 3-piece full carbon paddle, coil leash, 11" touring fin, repair kit and a wheelie bag for easy transport. The touring is a great big guy paddle board.

The Kahuna ISUP Touring also comes with Deck tie downs, Anchor Tie for securing anchor or weight, reinforced drop stitch (heat pressed linear strands make iSups stiffer and lighter).

Big Guy, transporting your kids, bigger dog or carrying extra cargo

If you are looking for a board that can be conveniently stored and easily transported. Then look no further than the KAHUNA iSUP Touring. The Touring has the pedigree to take you on extended paddling adventures.

Package includes: board, fin, leash, wheelie bag & 3-piece full carbon paddle.

  • Size: 12' x 32" x 6"
  • Board weight: 28 lbs
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Carries up to 300 lbs