Kahuna iSup 11′ Touring Lite Sista Package 4166 (Sold Out)

Package inc. 3pc adjustable carbon paddle, sup bag, pump and ankle leash

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Kahuna PaddleBoard 11' iSUP Touring Lite Sista

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The Kahuna PaddleBoard 11' iSUP Touring Lite Sista is perfect for smaller paddlers looking for a board that can handle extra cargo. This inflatable paddle board has large capacity therefore able to hold cargo up to 275 pounds. Now I wouldn't put a 275 lb person on this board - I would go up to 195 lbs which then leaves room for extra cargo, like your pooch or camping gear. Are you looking for an inflatable paddleboard in Kelowna? We are a short drive down the lake to the Naramata Bench.

The iTOURING Lite Sista comes as a package. This includes a dual action high velocity pump, 3-piece full carbon paddle, leash, touring fin, repair kit and a wheelie bag. If you are looking for a board that can be conveniently stored, easily transported this is it. The Sista Lite has the pedigree to take you on extended paddling adventures:

Package includes: Board, Definitely the most amazing wheelie Bag, Fin, Leash, Repair Kit, 3-piece Carbon Paddle



Size: 11' x 31" x 4.75"

Inflation: 16 PSI

Construction:RDS (Reinforced Dropdown Stitch) with Carbon Twill Rail (Carbon Rail Reinforcement at the Standing Zone)

Total Capacity:Up to 275 lbs ( say 195 lb person then have flexibility for cargo)

Board Weight:26 lbs

This was a board they made specifically with our suggestions - we were missing a smaller touring style for the lighter weight person or for the sportier female. The new addition iSUP SISTA Lite is a prettier version of this added to the line; same board just changed a bit of the graphics. You will love this board!