Kahuna Aloha 11′ 2 Touring Package 

The Kahuna Aloha 11’2 Touring Package will have tie-downs, Gortex Vent Valve, & High Gloss Finish, and in addition the Aloha Series has a new Crocodile texture deck pad that’s colored to make it easy to identify size for rental, as well as being soft for the Yoga enthusiasts. Another great board for the beach house, so get out early on the calm morning water and get your paddle in before the rest of the crew wakes up. The Kahuna Aloha Eleven Two Touring will get you there and back that more efficiently. The Aloha Series boards all come with a 2pc Fiberglass Shaft Paddle, Plastic Blade and a rubber paddle guard built in. This will protect the board from the recreational paddlers strokes against the boards rails, so the boards last much longer.

This SUP package is a great family touring board. A great quality board with that next step up in performance. Getting you there a little faster and straighter without breaking the bank. Can’t decide what board to buy take a look at design and paddle board finder in our blog.

Package Includes: Board, SUP Travel Bag, ankel leash and 2 Piece adjustable Paddle

  • Rigid Deck Line In Front Of The Standing Zone So There Is Less Volume Making The Board Easier To Maneuver
  • DROP DECK Reduces Volume For Added Feel.
  • DECK TIE-DOWNS for those long trek’s.
  • 3K CARBON STANDING ZONE stiffer, more impact resistant & reactive.
  • FIN THUMBSCREW no screwdriver needed.
  • COFFIN BOARD BAG coffin style board bag for easy access and storage with an additional handle on the bag.
  • 2PC PADDLE Composite Shaft / Plastic Blade
  •  11’2” x 32” x 6”
  • Construction: Epoxy Sandwich
  •  Up to 250 lbs
  • Board Weight 34 lbs