Cascadia Board Co. K’utala 11′ Touring (available to order)


Cascadia K’utala Touring 11′ 


Cascadia Board Co. K’utala 11′ Touring (available to order)

This Cascadia Board Co. K’utala 11′ Touring (available to order) is the most beautiful board. The K’utala is named after an important food source for the First Nations in the west coast region they paddle, the Salmon. Artist Mulidzas Wilson incorporated spawning salmon which you can see carrying roe on the bottom of the board. The touring board shape is styled to travel long distances quickly and the displaced hull consequently will chop through things like rapids, and tidal currents. The K’utala’s V-shape will cut through the water while its thick, flat deck adds stability. With more volume through its centre, the standing surface therefore handles a larger range of weights and paddling styles. Paddling on the ocean or one of the many water ways of the Okanagan, the K’utala hence is the perfect board. An excellent choice for someone wanting more stability underfoot. Such a beauty you just might want to stand it up in your living room instead of storing in your garage! We have a customer in Naramata that has put one of these beautiful boards in their entrance hallway. Start your adventure with a board inspired by the west coast.

  • 11′ x 30″ $1899 or 11’9 x 30 1/2″ $1999
  • Weight: 13.7kgs/34lbs
  • Volume: 279L
  • Cascadia Board Co 9″ Touring Fin

Cascadia’s E-Form surfboards fuse traditional polyester construction with the durability of epoxy and an EPS core. Each board is manufactured with a high-precision machine then finished by hand. A 3-mm wood ply adds an additional layer of strength.