Cascadia Board Co. Slayer 12’/ Backside (available to order)


Slayer 12′ Bottom side of board


Cascadia Board Co. Slayer 12’/  (available to order)

The Cascadia Board Co.Slayer paddle board was built for the forager. Whether you crab, fish or prawn, it provides camouflage and cover while you stalk your dinner. With FCSTM adaptors, you can securely mount your fishing rod and hold your paddle, while volume at the nose handles large loads for the day’s catch.

From its extra width and volume to a flat deck and stepped-up fin, this is the ultimate fishing shape. Highly ride-able, it boasts stability and multiple standing areas.

E-Form wood surfboards are the evolution of high-performance boards. Fusing traditional epoxy with the structure, durability and beauty of wood, each board is hand-shaped then vacuum-molded with a wood veneer on the top and bottom – all finished by hand for true craftsmanship.

  • Product Size: 12′ x 32″ x 5″
  • Weight: 14kgs
  • Volume: 239L
  • Fins: Cascadia Board Co 9″ Touring Fin with Red Santos wood veneer
  • Colour: Knotted Oak